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Meet Bradley & Stephanie Rogers

We are Bradley and Stephanie Rogers, a husband and wife photography duo, best friends, and individual artists who bring two unique perspectives into a unified vision. Our obsession with light greatly inspires and motivates us to create works of art for you in our own distinct style.

We met January of 2009 at a show in Austin, Texas and it was love at first sight. Honestly it was one of those movie moments where Stephanie came in the venue to find Bradley, people slowly parted ways and Stephanie was standing under a spotlight glowing. We knew soon after we were going to get married and tied the knot a year and a half later. We felt a connection based on our love for music and a mutual appreciation for creativity in all forms.

During our time off together we enjoy walking around the city or simply hanging out on our couch watching TV or playing video games. Our vinyl collection is constantly growing and we still love going to see our favorite bands.

Deep inside all of us lies the appreciation for the beautiful. This innate sense of awe comes naturally and without effort when we watch the sun disappear over the horizon, but sometimes seeing the beauty in ourselves feels impossible. Unfortunately, we often assign value to ourselves based on how we measure up to what society has dictated as beautiful. How are we supposed to love ourselves when we don't feel beautiful or valuable? And if that isn't bad enough, look up “self love” in a thesaurus and here's what you'll find: “vanity” “narcissism” and “pride.” How are we supposed to feel beautiful when society tells us we're full of ourselves when we do? Here's a controversial idea: self rejection is not a virtue and feeling beautiful is not obscene.

This concept is all too familiar for us. Through our own journeys towards accepting ourselves, we both realized that the support we gave to each other has made the process infinitely more meaningful. We knew immediately that we wanted to use our personal journeys and our skills as photographers to help other people celebrate the beauty within themselves.

why boudoir

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” 
― Brené Brown