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Today we want to share with you the 5 biggest myths about boudoir sessions. Because boudoir sessions are private experiences, there are often myths surrounding what a boudoir session is, who they’re for and what the results of your experience with us will look like. These are the 5 biggest myths about your boudoir session, and the truth behind them that you should know!

Myth 1: You have to be a specific body type

The Truth: Boudoir is for everybody, regardless of your body shape, size or gender expression. Many people feel that they have to lose weight or reach a certain goal before their boudoir session, but a boudoir photography experience isn’t about looking a certain way. We don’t use the phrase “embrace your flaws” because every part of your body is beautiful, but a boudoir experience with us will help you learn how to feel empowered and confident in your own skin. You’ll leave our studio not only feeling seen, but celebrated!

Amorous Boudoir is an LGBTQ+ friendly inclusive brand, and we welcome clients of all body types, sexualities, and genders, providing experiences with both individuals and couples. We also make sure that all of our local vendor and brand recommendations share those values, too. Everybody is welcome here!

5 biggest myths about boudoir sessions
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Myth 2: Boudoir has to be for someone else

The Truth: The only reason you need to have a boudoir session is YOU. It’s important to understand that even if you plan on using your collection as a gift for your partner, the experience is still yours! The purpose of a boudoir session is to see yourself in a new and empowered light, and the photographs you take away are souvenirs of that experience. The life-changing results and all the positive impacts of boudoir on your self-confidence are exactly the same whether you have a partner or not.

The confidence and empowerment you take away from your experience with us can benefit your relationship with your partner by helping you to feel more fearless and expressive, and help to create more open conversations around sex. But ultimately, the benefits of the session are for you.

5 biggest myths about boudoir sessions
5 biggest myths about boudoir sessions
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Myth 3: You have to share the photographs from your session

The Truth: Whether or not your photographs are shared with anybody else is entirely up to you. Like any part of your self-love journey, a boudoir session is a deeply personal experience and there’s no expectation to share the results.

A worry our clients have before they book with us is that their photographs will be posted on our website or social media. We will NEVER share any details or images from your session without your full written permission, and you’ll always have full control over who sees your images. Any photograph of another session you see has been given ‘Release’ permission – We offer 4 types of Release ranging from ‘No release’ to ‘Full release’, which you can learn more about here!

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Myth 4: Your session has to be “sexy”

The Truth: Your session is defined by you, and how “sexy” looks is up to you.

Sex is just one of the ways people can feel empowered – Boudoir is a celebration of whatever makes you feel confident and powerful in your body! Every single Amorous Boudoir session is completely unique, and we’re firm believers that “sexy” doesn’t look a certain way. Whether “sexy” means full nude, a body suit or a casual t-shirt to you we’re here to capture and celebrate it.

While we’re not here to define what a boudoir session should or shouldn’t look like, we will always encourage you to take risks and step outside your comfort zone. It’s our promise to support you in being daring and exploring new things that make you feel confident!

5 biggest myths about boudoir sessions
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Myth 5: You need to do nude photos

The Truth: There is zero requirements to be nude during your boudoir session. In fact, many of our clients choose not to – you’re not alone!

An Amorous Boudoir session is about having an experience that makes you feel confident and in touch with your body in a space where you can explore what sexuality means to you — So if nudity and lingerie make you feel uncomfortable, it’s more than ok to not have those as a part of your session.

Nudity can be extremely liberating, and a big part of your boudoir session is about unpacking all the negative beliefs about your body image that might be holding you back. Many of our clients find that during their experience once they start to let go of those negative ideas they become more open to including nudity as part of their session, even if they weren’t expecting to. That decision is 100% yours, and we’ll be here to support you in whichever expression you choose!

Whether or not you choose to embrace nudity, as long as you’re feeling open and empowered you’re experiencing all the incredible benefits of a boudoir session.

5 biggest myths about boudoir sessions
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The hard truth: Every Amorous Boudoir session is as unique as you are.

Boudoir is for everybody. It’s an inclusive, deeply personal experience for you to define. It doesn’t matter your gender, sexuality, shape, size, or marital status – no two sessions are the same because it’s all about you, and everybody deserves the opportunity to experience boudoir’s life-changing benefits.

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