7 Things Boudoir Photographers Want You To Know

There are often misconceptions about boudoir photography. We’ve written this blog to share with you 7 things boudoir photographers want you to know. Whether you’ve had a session done already or waiting to book your first session we hope this blog helps give you insight. Read below to hear what we have to say!

1. The session doesn’t have to be for a special occasion or for someone else.

Boudoir sessions make great gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, etc. but that’s only a small portion of the benefit that it provides. While a significant other will greatly appreciate receiving the images, the transformation that can occur when you do it for yourself can be life-changing. The longer you wait for a special occasion, the longer you wait for transformation.

2. There is no “right-size”.

We’re commonly told by individuals that they need to wait until they have lost ten more pounds, got back to their pre-baby weight, or nail down the perfect workout routine. While we totally understand these desires, they seem to miss what makes boudoir so powerful. For us, boudoir is about loving yourself totally in all circumstances. It’s about being able to say “I don’t need to lose weight or put on muscle to look sexy as hell!”

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3. You control who sees the images.

If you see us post an image of one of our clients online, it’s because they have given us written consent for us to do so. All images from the session are delivered through a private password-protected gallery that can only be viewed by whomever your share the link with.

4. It’s great for confidence!

Speaking from experience, the confidence you will have and hold onto after your boudoir session is immeasurable. Your photographer will know exactly how to pose you to show off your best assets (no pun intended) while giving you feedback and guidance throughout your session. We say this in the best way possible, you’ll never look at yourself the same way again.­

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5. Wear what you feel confident and sexy in.

You may see boudoir photos online of people wearing outfits that you wouldn’t wear, and that’s ok! We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your session and that includes wearing outfits that you connect with. We also provide guidance on what photographs best.


6. You don’t have to be a model.

The media we consume has filled our heads with beauty standards that are impossible to achieve, yet we often feel bad about ourselves for not looking a specific way. The reality is that you are already beautiful exactly as you are. Boudoir is for everyone and exists to celebrate the beauty of the human body in all forms.

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7. Find the right photographer for you.

While you may fall in love with the images a photographer produces, it’s just as important to connect with the photographer beyond their visible work. Make sure you connect with the photographer’s values and message. The more you trust your photographer the more confident you will feel throughout the session.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through the 7 Things Boudoir Photographers Want You To Know! As always feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any questions!

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