Intimate Couples Boudoir Session in Austin

We love photographing intimate couples boudoir sessions in Austin. When we started photographing weddings full-time in 2014 we instantly loved working with couples. So when we began Amorous Boudoir just a few years later we knew we had to open the door to give couples the space for boudoir. Photographing intimate couples’ boudoir sessions in Austin is one of the biggest dreams we get to fulfill!

When C & G came to us they wanted to have a new experience together. Over the years C saw boudoir photography online and was interested in the concept and felt it was finally time. Since she and G spend a lot of time in the gym working on their physique they wanted to commemorate this hard work they put in. They also wanted to do something new that would allow them to find a deeper connection together. Here are some responses they gave us regarding their experience from their perspective!

How did you feel during your session? “We had a lot of fun! I think we were both surprised how quickly we became comfortable with you two and the experience.”

How did you feel after your session? “We felt great! It ended up being a really fun day of “date” events (i.e. going to out for dinner after) and felt like we were riding a high the rest of the night.”

When you saw your images, what were your thoughts? “We loved all the images and were really glad we did the session. It was meaningful to see body language and facial expressions captured for both of us.”

How did you each feel after the session? “We definitely felt a stronger sense of connection, which speaks volumes considering we already had a great bond with one another.”

They told us their favorite part of their session together was their connection with each other and sharing this experience together. C & G also shared some advice to other couples looking to have their session together.

“It’s important to be able to communicate well with each other and feel completely comfortable being vulnerable around each other. It’s a good idea to run through what each of you hope to get out of the session, and picture how the session will flow. Come prepared with a wide range of clothing options (including modest/casual).”

Below are some highlights from their session with us.

Intimate Couples Boudoir Session in Austin

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