The 5 Best Inclusive Lingerie Stores for your Amorous Boudoir Session

Lingerie is a huge part of any boudoir experience, and the lingerie you choose has the power to make or break your boudoir session! This is why we want to share the 5 best inclusive lingerie stores for your Amorous Boudoir session. The key to having the perfect boudoir session is choosing lingerie that makes you feel empowered and sexy in your own skin: there’s no ‘right’ set for your session or body type, but we always advise lingerie that’s comfortable but also takes you out of your comfort zone.

Investing in a new lingerie set can leave you feeling refreshed and have you seeing yourself in a different light, so it’s an amazing way to prepare for your Amorous Boudoir session.

These 5 Inclusive lingerie stores are all LGBTQ+ friendly, cater for every body size and are our personal favorite places to buy beautiful, unique lingerie pieces to prepare for your Amorous Boudoir session.

**Images are pulled from each lingerie website.

1. Playful Promises

Playful Promises is an online boutique stocking a range of lingerie brands, with sizes ranging from 28A – 44J with a dedicated Plus Size section which makes them the perfect inclusive option for any body type. Their website also gives you the option to browse by ‘Inspiration’ where you can find luxe lingerie, retro lingerie and erotic lingerie to give you unique theme ideas for your boudoir session with us.

2. Fashion Nova Curve

Fashion Nova Curve is an amazing choice for plus-size bodies, as their entire label is dedicated to styles available in all sizes. It’s also a much more affordable option (spending less on lingerie means more to spend on extras within your collection!) and we love that they regularly offer year-round discounts and buy one get one free sales, which means more sets to shoot with so you can get the most out of your boudoir session with us.

3. TomBoy X

TomBoy X because are a queer-founded brand, and are the best for inclusive styles which cater for the LGBTQ+ and trans community. Their thoughtful, sustainable designs cater for the needs of all bodies across the gender spectrum and their mantra of community, diversity and celebrating visibility is completely aligned with every part of the Amorous Boudoir experience. We can personally say these sets are comfortable!

4. Origami Customs

Many of our clients come to us prior to their session with concerns about not feeling comfortable in lingerie, and an amazing way to overcome those fears is investing in bespoke lingerie. Origami Customs offer made-for-you, ethical lingerie with a free custom adjustment option, designed to meet all of your needs to make any body feel both comfortable and empowered.

(Note: The turnaround for bespoke Origami Customs designs is 4-6 weeks, so plan in advance if you’re planning on purchasing a set from them for your boudoir session!)

5. Thistle and Spire

If you’re looking for sexy, fearless lingerie designs which cater to every size to give you the ultimate confidence boost, Thistle and Spire are the perfect option. Their online store is filled with bold, statement pieces and a selection of alternative options for your session that aren’t the traditional bra and panty lingerie sets such as kimonos that will give your Amorous Boudoir session a unique twist.

Thistle and Spire also have an amazing blog filled with stories and photography of empowering female voices, and we highly recommend reading it if you’re nervous for your session with us or want to see their lingerie pieces in action – You can check it out here!

Found a set that’s caught your eye, but don’t have a session booked to wear it yet? Click here to book your Amorous Boudoir experience!

We hope this list of the 5 best inclusive lingerie stores for your Amorous Boudoir session has helped you feel inspired! For more of our top recommendations for online boutiques and lingerie stores in Austin, Texas, Click HERE to read our session prep guide which will give you even more lingerie inspiration to prepare for the perfect session with us.

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