Different Boudoir Model Release Options & How To Choose

There are four different boudoir model release options when booking your session. At Amorous Boudoir, we are often asked about what each of these mean. We wanted to break down your options to help guide you on how to choose which is right for you. Sharing your images will always be your personal choice!

When booking your session with us, we provide you with a contract and welcome questionnaire. The contract will ask you about which release you’d like to use. Your welcome questionnaire provides us with even more information about what you are looking for.

Full Release

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A full release means you approve for us to use any and all of your images. We really love this because it means we can use any your stunning images on our website, social media, and for any other marketing. Showcasing a wide range of our work helps us share with others on what to expect! This can also be helpful in motivating others to book their very own Amorous boudoir experience! The full-release option is great for those who don’t have a public-facing job and who don’t mind sharing every bit of their boudoir experience with others.

Selective Release

austin boudoir photographer
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A selective release is for anyone who would love to share their images but only specific ones. This means we will confirm which images you approve for us to use and we save them in a specific folder for released images. The selective release is best for those who are specific business owners, therapist, or anyone who wants to limit what others see.

Anonymous Release

austin boudoir photographer
austin boudoir photographer

Anonymous releases are great for those who are excited to share their images without their identity attached to them. These are images that don’t show identifying marks, tattoos, or faces. You choose exactly which images you approve to be under the anonymous umbrella. This anonymous release is great for those with public-facing jobs, teachers, or who may be reserved for any other reason around anyone who sees their images.

No Release

Selecting ‘no release’ means none of your images will be shared online or with anyone. These images remain private for yourself in your products or your private gallery which only you have access to create the login credentials.

It is 100% your choice in choosing the best release option for you. This breakdown of the different boudoir model release options is to help you decide which is best for you. We love boudoir and provide boudoir sessions because we are passionate about it! At Amorous Boudoir we do this for YOU!

If you have any questions you can contact us directly or email us at amorousboudoirphoto@gmail.com

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